The situation of kids who cant walk, talk and also cant hear

Gratitude is knowing you could have been in this situation but for grace you are not…. Take a moment and thank God for your life and the family you have.

This is the plight of a family in the Bono region in Ghana. We can only do our bit to improve their living conditions but can’t do anything to change their physical condition . It has taken me days to post this, anytime I attempt, I get emotional.

According to their mother they were in a village and moved to this place not long ago. They sleep on floor with no mattresses or blanket. Their father died three weeks ago leaving the poor woman alone with these kids. On many occasions has she attempted taking her own life, she is always asking God why? These kids are teenagers with the eldest being 20 years. They cant walk, talk and also can’t hear. Life, life, life.

To all who support us to reach out to the vulnerable in our societies , may your cup never run dry.
Kessben outreach Foundation, little acts of kindness.


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