Disabled farmer who is defying all odds gets supported by Kessben Outreach Foundation (Video)

Hardworking disabled vegetable farmer Azumah got his prayers answered through the Kessben Outreach Foundation after he was donated cash and a pumping machine to aid his work as a farmer.

Having only one hand, Azumah’s greatest challenge had been covering wide to water his farm, an important piece of farming equipment.

Apparently, the hardworking disabled farmer had been defying all odds to manually water the farm with his only hand.

The Kessben Outreach Foundation urgently reached out to this hardworking man after his challenge was reported to the Foundation.

Azumah is a vegetable farmer despite his disability. A good Samaritan brought his challenge of not being able to cover more owing to the lack of pumping machine……..When one wants to help himself… Help from others comes easy…. We have provided the pump as he requested….. Help someone when u can….Kessben outreach Foundation…..Little acts of kindness.. Thanks to all who support us. God bless you and your families. The Foundation said.




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