It never rains but it pours

She’s a single mother of three with her last born being 11 years. The last time they saw the father was 11 years ago…. She’s a caterer who specializes in pork and yams for events. On one of such occasions late last year, she had to work late till about midnight. She picked ” dropping” from Accra to her base in Tema, when she sat at the back of that taxi, she fell asleep…. According to her, she woke up the next morning in a hospital and was told she was brought in by a good Samaritan who found her lying by that road side almost naked….. she had been raped and robbed off everything including stuff for work, monies, mobile phones …  

Brooding over this nighttmare, and not having to be able to cater for her kids, she found out two months later that she was pregnant. She tried to get rid of the pregnancy knowing what challenges she and her kids were facing but did not succeed. She then gathered courage to go to the hospital where her nightmare worsened… She’s carrying twins and risk her life terminating it she was told.

She had to undergo counselling and still is. An unemployed single mother of three , rent expired, was ejected and had to join her mother in an uncompleted building in greater Accra.

Now she delivered beautiful set of twins…you can imagine the struggle…no place for them to sleep . With all of this, she’s not been able to tell her family and especially about what name to give the kids without raising eyebrows .

Should she tell her family?? How best can we help her? How does she overcome this traumatic experience of having to deal with kids whose father she don’t know?? Seems like a movie?? Well it is the real life story of this beautiful woman struggling to make ends meet.

Kessben Outreach Foundation to the rescue. Help someone when you can, little acts of kindness.

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