Kessben Outreach Foundation purchases a new wheelchair & donates to a physically challenged man at Alabar

A physically challenged man identified as Frimpong has received a new wheelchair from the Kessben Outreach Foundation.

Following a report about the sorry state of the wheelchair he had been using for the last 5 years, the Foundation on Monday 7th August 2023, presented the brand new wheelchair to the disabled man in Alabar, Kumasi.

The Foundation also gave him money and made a commitment to acquire him an electronic wheelchair in the upcoming weeks.

Grateful Frimpong expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the Kessben Outreach Foundation for the kind gesture which was shown to him.

Frimpong is apparently one of the physically challenged men in the Ashanti Region who the Foundation hired rooms for and set them up for business years ago.

According to him, he had to return to the street to beg again following how thieves raided his mobile/airtime transfers business.

The Kessben Outreach Foundation has committed to setting him up again to start his mobile airtime transfer business as the project coordinators of the foundation are currently looking for a more secure and suitable place for him to run his business.

Mfatoho nti oo…..Comparison brings gratitude.

Frimpong was born a special child… unfortunately, his parents passed and the surviving grandma who took charge also died. He’s currently in his mid-twenties. He’s very intelligent but no help, so his challenge has led him to beg for survival. In his plea for help, he said that we don’t get tired of him….n reminded me that this is the third wheelchair we are giving him in five years. His hands are as frail as a six year old and unable to push himself. Whoever help push him round also charges him…. Although his wheelchair was completely worn out, I am uncomfortable with what I have given him…

Praying and hoping we can get him an electronic one… The last time We bought some with the help of a brother Seth Kwame Boateng cost us about 8k three years ago.

Accommodation we rented for him is also due… So he’s keeping up with a friend.

We also set him up to do mobile credit transfer but he was attacked and that is what has brought him back to beg on the street.

It is my wish that we set him up again and get a decent place to lay his head….An already challenged person must not be made to go through more challenges. ….

When I asked that we throw away the old wheelchair….. He smiled and said …” M3ton ama condemn fo) anya kakra “. At least for the next few days he has come money so won’t be on the street.

We are eternally grateful to all who support us…

Help someone when u can…. Kessben outreach Foundation….. Little acts of kindness” Sammy Adu Boakye, the General manager of the Foundation said.


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