Kessben Outreach Foundation donates to Auntie Ama who tried to poison the family due to poverty

Driven by poverty, a widow, Auntie Ama attempted killing herself and children by making them drink a mix of rat poison.

She was struggling to bring up or feed her two children, first child is dumb and afer the death of their father became blind till now, the second child is suffering from mental illness, which unknown person took advantage of her situation impregnated her and has now given birth.

So one day, Auntie Ama decided to end her life. As she did not want her children to suffer, she decided to end their lives too. She mixed rat poison in the water and gave it to the children, they unsuspectingly drank the rat poison mixture after which she decided to take hers when the children become weak.

Very fortunate and God being so good, the children began vomiting few minutes after taken the poison and this saved their lives

When asked the reason for her act, Auntie murmured that she took the extreme step due to poverty, and she feels guilty of her actions.

On hearing the news, Kessben Outreach Foundation visited the woman, donated an amount of money together with clothes.

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