104 years Old woman receive great support from Kessben Outreach Foundation

The grandma of 104 years whose eight children and husband has passed on has had her room transformed. She’s been given a descent place to pay her head.

Now she feels comfortable and peaceful. And according to her, she can die peacefully. Her upkeed is fully secured. Together with feeding and medical assured.

Help someone when you can … Kessben Outreach Foundation, little acts off Kindness.

Watch below for before and after pictures of the old woman’s situation:

The objectives of the KESSBEN OUTREACH FOUNDATION is to mobilize resources and advocate for means of alleviating social challenges within the immediate environs of Kessben Media and the Kessben Group through the programs of Kessben Media.

The Foundation seeks to foster care for the marginalized and vulnerable by distributing resources raised from the public and the Kessben Group.

The Foundation will support the opportunity for counselling and training to resourced persons in order to sustain achievements and easy reintegration of resources persons into normal independent life.

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