Video and Photos: Kessben Outreach Foundation constructs a mechanized borehole for Funfuni community

The Kessben Outreach Foundation has provided safe, reliable and affordable water to Funfuni community near Wiamoase in the Sekyere South District of Ashanti.

The borehole would help reduce health issues associated with drinking unclean water, and also save time and resources involved searching for water in communities, kilometres away. This will also significantly improve living standards.

The “Odikro” of Funfuni, Odikro Owusu Fekyere expressed his deepest appreciation for helping his community get portable drinking water, a need that has been one of the biggest challenges in the community, makes many young women and men unable to attend school because of the time spent transporting water.

The residents also expressed their appreciation to the foundation through the CEO of Kessben Media, Glibert Kesse and the General Manager of the Kessben Outreach Foundation, Sammy Adu Boakye.

Pictures below:


Funfuni is a community located in the Sekyere South District of Ashanti in Ghana. It has a total population of about 650. The inhabitants are going through water crises. Their source of drinking water is a river but gets dry during the dry season and also they share the same water with cattle which is a threat to their health. Children often walk for a far distance to fetch water before going to school. Due to this, they go to school late which affects their academic performance in school.


The project aims at constructing a borehole in the community which will allow them get assess to good drinking water.

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