Successful surgery held for little Emmanuel diagnosed with a developing tumour

The Kessben Outreach Foundation foot the bills for the multiple surgeries of little Emmanuel who was diagnosed with a developing tumor in the neck.

According to the General Manager of the Foundation, Sammy Adu Boakye, Doctors attempted three surgeries in the spate of 12 months before the deformity was eventually corrected.

“Most developed tumors in infants and children require surgical removal, or at least a biopsy, as part of the treatment. The surgeon may recommend surgery to remove as much of the tumor as safely possible as a first step and to relieve intracranial pressure caused by the tumor. For low-grade or slow-growing tumors, surgery may be the only intervention necessary.”

Innocent Emmanuel was born to a teenage mother and an unemployed father in a village in the Ahafo region.

Through Kessben Outreach Foundation, heart-fulfilling ambition has been met through by grace of God.

The foundation has assured continuous medications for the little boy to progressively be in a better condition.

Doctors attempted this surgery three times over one year before finally getting it done. God has been good…. From a village in the Ahafo region, emma was born to a teenager mother and am unemployed father. But for your kind gesture, we won’t be here. He’s yet to turn two years, imagine the pain he has endured.

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